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Zine Experience

This page is a collection and record of all the fanmade zines I have participated in. If you are organizing a zine, please feel free to send me a link!

Don't Save Me, I'll Save YouBNHA2020Page Artist
Your Body is a GardenOriginal2020Photographer
ApocryphaBNHA2021Page Artist
ReminiscenceTPN2021Page Artist
Beyond TimeHaikyuu2021Merch Artist
The Forbidden GameTPN2021Page Artist
CrossroadsATLA2021Page Artist
From the AshesATLA2021Merch Artist
Midsummer: FaeGenshin2021Merch Artist
Unto the AbyssGenshin2021Graphics Mod
Condensed LightGenshin2021Merch Artist
This Remains UnsolvedBuzzfeed2022Merch Artist
Yes, Chef!Genshin2022Merch Artist
StormbreakerGenshin2022Merch Artist
Blood & DarknessHades2022Art Mod
At the End of EverythingNITW2022Merch Artist
Icy ResurrectionGenshin2022Page Artist
Triple TroubleGenshin2022Art Mod
Forged In FlameATLA2022Merch Artist
AdamantineGenshin2022Page Artist
Maple BlossomGenshin2022Merch Artist
Starlight AnyaSpy x Family2023Page Artist
Vulpes ZerdaGenshin2023Merch Artist
LotuslightGenshin2023Page Artist
Ties Through TeyvatGenshin2023Merch Artist
Court of FontaineGenshin2023Merch Artist